Dangers of Cross Bores

Protect Your Home
Protect Your Home

A cross bore occurs when a utility line is mistakenly placed inside a pipe underground, resulting in a seriously dangerous situation. Natural gas pipes, telecommunication cables, sewer lines and other types of lines are involved, and can go undetected for months, even years.

When sewer pipes have a line placed through them, eventually a sewer backup develops, and aplumber in Fairfax, VA like Magnolia Plumbing is called to remove the blockage.

Often times plumbers have to use a mechanical rotary tool to relieve the blockage; unfortunately this often damages the utility line that was bored through the sewer line.

There are several dangers here: If it is a gas line that bores through the sewer line, natural gas can migrate through the sewer lines into homes, resulting in a potential explosion. If it is an electric line passing through, the plumber runs the risk of electrocution.

Plumbers in Maryland need to be aware of the proper procedures available to minimize the risk of any accidents occurring due to cross bores, and homeowners must be aware of details concerning their properties such as if any excavation has recently been done, if underground lines had been marked, and especially if there are any unusual odors of natural gas present. Before a plumber cleans out a sewer line, he or she must determine the location of sewer facilities, such as clean outs and recent excavations to install utility lines.

Homeowners should always check to make sure the plumber they hire is a certified professional to handle such an intricate job.

Magnolia plumbers use a small camera to inspect the line with a drain backup to either confirm or rule out the presence of a cross bore.

Should a cross bore be discovered with the use of a detection camera, the homeowner is made aware of the situation, the plumber stops all work, and the utility company is contacted right away.

For all of your plumbing needs and concerns, contact Magnolia today. We proudly serve Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and all surrounding areas. Call us today!

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