Carbon Monoxide: Attention HOMEOWNERS

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a largely preventable situation, and being armed with the right information can save you and your loved ones from this deadly gas and its tragic effects:

  1. Carbon monoxide has no color, no odor, and no taste. You will not be able to detect CO in your home by smelling or seeing.
  2. It’s critical that your home ALWAYS has working detector alarms installed. Many fire alarms and smoke alarms also will detect for carbon monoxide, but not all of them. If yours doesn’t or you aren’t sure whether yours do or not, strongly consider replacing them with new ones that do detect the deadly gas.
  3. Carbon monoxide produces several effects to people exposed, including: severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, convulsions, loss of consciousness and finally, death. This is all within a few hours of high exposure levels.
  4. Carbon monoxide can kill without warning, while families sleep. It is a silent killer. Also, since so many deaths occur as the result of defective heating devices, carbon monoxide has been termed the “silent, cold weather killer”.

To protect yourself and your family, it is crucial to maintain your appliances and check-ups and tune-ups are crucial, especially for your furnace. It’s recommended that you have a heating repair in Washington, DC expert perform preventive maintenance once per year on your heating system.

Make sure ventable appliances actually are vented properly. Never use charcoal grills indoors, and never use an unvented combustion heater overnight or in a room where you are sleeping. If you use a kerosene space heater, make sure there is adequate ventilation. Never leave your car running in a garage with the garage door down. Keep chimneys and fireplaces clean, and always make sure your carbon monoxide alarms are properly working and batteries are not low.

Magnolia Plumbing, Heating & Cooling invites you to call today to schedule an appointment for your furnace tune-up to ensure your unit is operating safely and properly. Contact us today.



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