Greater Costs to you

Greater Costs to You

Green power is more expensive. Even with government subsidies, it comes at a steep premium over traditional base load power. Even when the smart grid is up and running, not enough green power is coming online to replace losses in base load capacity. To cover shortfalls, utilities are using peaking power for base load. Peaking power is less expensive than green power, but more expensive than traditional base load generation. Even with a smart grid price break, you will pay more.

The Role of Efficiency

The way to protect yourself is to install more energy efficient equipment in your home, especially your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. Replace your light bulbs with CFLs or LED lights. Make sure your home’s structural envelope and duct system are sealed.

Energy efficiency improvements by millions of people play an important role in helping North America balance electricity supply and demand. It’s more significant than the contributions of green power and in truth, is greener too once you account for environmental impacts of a solar or wind farm. So not only is a comfort system upgrade good for your wallet, it’s good for the country.

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