Is it Time to replace Your Furnace?

When the time comes to replace your old Furnace there are many factors to consider in terms of sizing, efficiency, heat modes, filters, fan options and warranties. ENERGY STAR qualified Furnaces have annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 83% and 90%, or higher, making them up to 15% more efficient than standard models. You can visit to get more information on scheduling service.

What can you do yourself?

Before doing anything to your Furnace, make sure you always shut off the electricity either at the appliance switch or the breaker panel.

  • Inspect your filter and clean or change it if necessary.
  • If your Furnace has a pilot light you can shut it off during the summer months to save energy. If you are not comfortable re-lighting your pilot light in the fall, have a registered gas contractor re-light it during their next scheduled maintenance visit.
  • If your Furnace has a fan belt, physically inspect it for cracks or signs of wear and replace if necessary
  • Keep the areas around your Furnace clear of anything that can catch fire. It is unwise to store or use flammable materials near any gas appliance.
  • Lower your home’s temperature at night and when no one is home. Studies show that doing this can slash your heating costs by up to 20% per year. If you don’t like manually changing the temperature in your house you can get a programmable thermostat that changes the temperature automatically for you.
  • Seal any cracks or gaps in ductwork. You can easily do this by using duct sealer or foil tape. Contrary to popular believe it is best to avoid using duct tape because over time it will become brittle and crack

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